Welcome to Auroville’s shared transport service portal.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of travel while reducing the environmental impact and traffic within the city.

We can achieve this by consolidating rides and facilitating transport sharing.

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Courier service available now

STS is now part of Auroville’s Integrated Transport Services (ITS). Soon you will be able to do a lot more than just book a shared taxi – including renting/buying an electric scooter, availing local pickup & drop services, vehicles repairs and maintenance, courier & delivery services and a whole lot more.

Watch this space!"


Environmental & Financial Impact

31 lakhs

Monthly expense overall
during peak season.

60,970 kg carbon emission

Let's consolidate rides and
stay eco-friendly.

50 taxis per day

Reducing this number will lessen our
carbon foot-print.

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About Shared Transport Service

earth&us in collaboration with Auronet and support from 150dpi (Sathish, Surrender) has started a not-for profit Shared Transport Service (STS)

It is estimated that 50 taxis go to Chennai everyday during peak season. Most of them heading for the Airport or Railway station for a pick-up or a drop. That is more than one Taxi every hour of the day.

This results in a monthly expense of 31 lakhs and carbon emission of 60,970 Kg Therefore, our current focus is on a shared taxi service for travellers from and to Chennai, particularly to the airport.

Once this is running smoothly, we will expand this service to include different parts Chennai as well as Pondicherry. We will also focus on a two-wheeler service within Auroville and non-fossil fuel based transport.

We continue to encourage people to avail public transport options. However, when required, Shared Transport Services is an ideal alternative. The service will be most effective if we all use it as much as possible even when we are opting not to share it with anyone. This way the taxi can be utilized and shared by others at least one way, thus bringing down costs and carbon emissions

We request for collaboration and welcome any suggestions to make this service better.

Price list

Chennai Airport:

  • Drop or pickup no sharing rs.3000(including toll, parking & taxes)
  • 2 sharing rs.2000(including toll, parking & taxes)
  • 3 sharing rs.1500(including toll, parking & taxes)
  • Round trip rs.3500(8 hours including toll, parking & taxes)

Chennai City:

  • Drop or pickup no sharing rs.3200(including toll & taxes)
  • 2 sharing rs.2000(including toll & taxes)
  • 3 sharing rs.1500(including toll & taxes)
  • Chennai central rs.3200(including toll & taxes)
  • Round trip rs.4000(12 hours& 330km (including toll & taxes)
*For Pondicherry drop there is an additional charge of rs.300 per booking.
*Price is inclusive of GST and Air conditioning.

Price for Innova(7seater)

  • Chennai airport drop or pickup rs.4500(including toll, parking & taxes)
  • Chennai airport round trip rs.5000+parking(8hours)
  • Chennai city drop or pickup rs.5000(including toll & taxes)
  • Round trip rs.5500(12 hours & 330 km) (including toll & taxes)

Our Etiquette

Same Day Delivery Courier Service

Shared Transport Service is excited to announce the launch of its Courier Service in Auroville. You can now deliver your package on the same day from Auroville/Pondicherry to Chennai using STS.

Courier Rates:
1 Box/Letter = Rs 700
More than 1 Box = Rs 700-1000

  Terms and Conditions:
* There’ll be a upfront discount of RS 200 if the taxi is already going to Chennai City. 
* The package should fit in the taxi boot.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Shared Transport Service (STS) is a taxi aggregator, we do not own any taxis. Our team ensures that the taxi’s added to our network are commercially licensed and drivers are trained.
  2. Our drivers shall ensure registration of the vehicle at all times and shall hold and keep updated / renewed licenses, insurance and permits necessary for the use of vehicle.
  3. If a customer is involved in a car accident while traveling in a taxi, the legal options are no different than an accident with a typical passenger vehicle. However, there are three important things to do in the event of an accident involving a taxi: take pictures of the scene, find witnesses, file a claim.
  4. To file a claim, an application form to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) should be submitted after obtaining the taxi driver’s insurance information.
  5. The driver shall ensure comprehensive insurance including third party insurance of vehicles and other such insurance as may be required by Applicable Law is obtained and always maintained.
  6. The driver will be liable for any loss caused to Shared Transport Service and/or the Customer due to negligence of the Driver in the performance of service. Shared Transport Services shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever caused during rendering of service.